November Newsletter

World Diabetes Day: 14th November

World Diabetes Day - the day every year when millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of diabetes – is rapidly approaching.  Whilst looking out for events already planned to take place on 14th November, why not help Diabetes UK celebrate and raise awareness by holding your very own World Diabetes Day event?  To support you, Diabetes UK has gathered a range of free materials about diabetes that can be given out to people who need it, which can be found at

Its time for your Flu Jab…

Winter conditions can be very bad for your health, especially if you’re living with diabetes.  That’s why you really need to get your free flu jab (also known as flu vaccine) before winter starts.  The flu jab is one of your 15 Healthcare Essentials, the checks and services that every person with diabetes deserves and should expect.

Anyone with diabetes, including those who are pregnant, should get a jab against flu because people with diabetes are more at risk of getting the flu and having diabetes will make it worse.  Flu is serious, and can make your blood sugar go all over the place.  If your blood sugar isn’t within target, the effects of flu can be dragged out and increase your risk of developing serious complications.  Getting a flu jab will help you avoid this.

A vaccine protects you against the most common types of flu currently around.  As this changes each year, it means you need a new jab each year too.  The jab itself won’t give you the flu, but after you have the jab, it can take about two weeks to work so you may still get the flu.  That’s why it’s good to get the jab as soon as you can.

Views and Opinions of Eye Patients Sought

NHS England has invited people with experience of receiving eye treatment in hospital to share their views and opinions in an online survey.  EyesWise is a project that will use patient feedback to implement widespread improvements, such as reducing the waiting times for people needing ophthalmology treatment.  The aim of the online survey is to provide experts with real patient insight, including how well clinics are run and the quality of communication from healthcare professionals.

To take part in the survey visit alternatively, to speak to somebody direct call 0113 824 8672.  The survey closes on 30th November.