February Newsletter

Swindon Community Diabetes Service Update

Dr Vladimir Vaks has been in touch to confirm that the Swindon Community Diabetes Service (SCDS) is now running in a full capacity. Currently alongside him there are two community diabetes specialist nurses, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Natalie Howley along with a diabetes specialist dietitian, Louise Golding. Recently Mel Curtis has been appointed as a Swindon Diabetes Integrated Service Matron to lead a process of integration between the hospital and community diabetes teams with an aim to build up a comprehensive service that delivers care across the whole diabetes pathway from diagnosis to the management of complications.
The SCDS is open for referrals of patients with Type 2 Diabetes and offers:-
· Community Consultant clinics at Eldene Health Centre
· Weekly Multidisciplinary clinic at Eldene Health Centre (DSN, dietician, psychologist)
· Community DSN Clinics at Eldene or West Swindon Health Centres
· Insulin/GLP-1 RA Initiation at Eldene Health Centre
· Specialist Diabetes Dietician clinics at Eldene Health Centre
· Home visits for housebound patients
For Patient Type 2 Diabetes Management education:
· Education course “On Track with Type 2 diabetes” 2hr sessions for all patients with Type 2
· Monthly “drop in” Diabetes education sessions for patients at Eldene Health Centre
· DSN/DSD Practice-based Diabetes Education Sessions for patients with Type 2
The SCDS Administrator is Rose Wood, her telephone is (01793) 696621 (Mon – Thurs), her email is Rosemary.wood5@nhs.net.

SpeakUp2020: Share your Views and Help make the NHS Better

Healthwatch wants to make health and social care better for everybody in Swindon (and elsewhere), so this month has launched the #SpeakUp2020 campaign encouraging people to have their say and to help improve local services. We want to hear about your experiences: What was good about the support you received? What could have been better? It only takes five minutes to speak up, but by sharing the changes you want to see, you are helping to improve care for everyone. Services in Swindon can learn from your experiences and ideas, so take a moment to share them online at https://www.healthwatch.co.uk/speak-2020 or by speaking to one of the team on (01793) 497777.